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I have started an online writing community called Whistle Tree Writers! I've been wanting to do this for a few years now, but the pandemic has pushed me from the safety of the abstract to the free fall of action. After cancellation of three college speaking engagements in the Spring, as well as a writer's conference and a fun mountain literary festival, I realized I don't enjoy feeling like a lonely writer and I suspect other writers don't either. I decided to build a community that will help support a healthy writing practice for writers.

Whistle Tree Writers offers free weekly writing prompts, a weekly newsletter that explores writing topics, a monthly Zoom hangout with craft talks and writing time, as well as online writing courses, virtual workshops and long-term mentorship. 

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Mothers of Sparta: a Memoir in Pieces

Mothers of Sparta hardback book cover

"Mothers of Sparta is a superbly written book, at times gently poetic, at times devastating. I was spellbound from start to finish." 

 Tim O'Brien, author of The Things They Carried.

"In Mothers of Sparta, Dawn Davies writes like an avenging angel. Her stories are poetic, moving, provocative, and bracingly honest as she trains her lucid gaze on some of life’s deepest complexities: In the face of terror, betrayal, and impending loss, how do we love? And what does that love cost us? I’ve never read a book quite like this one, shot through with the light of an extraordinary talent and spirit.”

Dani Shapiro, author of Inheritance

 If you’re looking for a parenting book, this is not it. This is not a treatise on how to be a mother. This is a book about a young girl who moves to a new town every couple of years; a misfit teenager who finds solace in a local music scene; an adrift twenty-something who drops out of college to pursue her dream of making cheesecake on a stick a successful business franchise (ah, the ideals of youth). Alone in a new city, she summons her inner strength as she holds the hand of a dying stranger. Davies is a woman who finds humor in difficult pregnancies and post-partum depression (after reading “Pie” you might never eat Thanksgiving dessert the same way). She is a divorcee who unexpectedly finds second love. She is a happily married suburban wife who nevertheless makes a mental list of all the men she would have slept with. And she is a parent who finds herself tested in ways she could never imagine. In stories that cut to the quick, Davies explores passion, loss, illness, pain, and joy, told from her singular, gimlet-eyed, hilarious perspective.

Mothers of Sparta is not a blow-by-blow of Davies’ life but rather an examination of the exquisite and often painful moments of a life, the moments we look back on and say, That one, that one mattered. Straddling the fence between humor and, well…not humor, Davies has written a book about what it’s like to try to carve a place for oneself in the world, no matter how unyielding the rock can be.

Praise for Mothers of Sparta:


"In the kaleidoscopic array of experiences she has chosen to share, readers will feel the depth and breadth of this woman's life. Forthright, entertaining essays that portray all the love, struggle, and anguish of being a woman and a mother."

          ―Kirkus Reviews

"Beautiful and painful all at once. A heartbreakingly honest book that I couldn't put down." 

          ― Jenny Lawson,  #1 NYT bestselling author. 


"I don't remember crying that hard since I watched Bridges of Madison County.”  

          —Megyn Kelly, on Megyn Kelly Today  

“Dawn Davies’s Mothers of Sparta breaks my heart in the best way. From the quietly meteoric trajectory of ‘Night Swim’ through the devastating title essay and the tidal pull of the collection’s finale (which had me awash in spontaneous tears, not for the first time), it was clear to me that I’ve been missing the voice of Dawn Davies―her humor and her scars, her tenderness and resilience, and her truly staggering ability to stun you with the emotional precision and beauty of her writing―all my life as a woman and a mother and a reader.”
          ― Kate Moses, author of Cakewalk: A Memoir

“Funny, insightful…Davies uses her oodles of talent to remind readers that human beings are never just one thing, and in her essays we see a whole life revealed…Her writing jumps from the page as Davies bares her soul, holding nothing back. Readers will laugh and cry, probably at the same time.”
          ― Booklist

"..."Mothers of Sparta" offers exquisite writing and storytelling craft. Davies, it seems, can bring to life just about anything with her writing.

         The Associated Press


The author’s observations on parenting are spot-on (once you have kids you “must tiptoe through the rest of your life”). Whether perceptively exploring joy or anguish, Davies digs deeply. 

          ― Publishers Weekly


About the Author

Dawn Davies is the author of Mothers of Sparta, and many published essays, poems, and stories. She lives in Weird Florida. 

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McSweeny's Quarterly

Dawn's  latest essay, "Music to Be Played If I Fall into a Coma" was recently published in McSweeney's Quarterly 56.  Order  here. 

GLCA New Writers Award

Dawn won the Great Lakes Colleges Association New Writers Award for 2019. For official details on this thrilling piece of news, and for book tour deets, click here. For a trilling, over-the-top blog post on it, click here.


Dawn  won the 2019 Florida Book Award Gold Medal in General Nonfiction.  Check it out here.


Mothers of Sparta was named one of the American Booksellers Association  Winter/Spring 2018 Indies Introduces debut picks of the season, a February 2018 Indie Next List Pick, and a February  2019 Indie Next List Paperback, and a BookBrowse Best of  the Year for 2018.

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