Dawn Davies Returns to Megyn Kelly Today

March 16, 2018


Recap of my second trip to NY to tape the Megyn Kelly Today show:


I'm lying in bed in a peaceful Airbnb three days after a fairly intense bout of travel, whereby I neglected to sleep, forgot to hydrate, walked eight miles per day in Manhattan, and had to OJ it through the airport to make my return flight at JFK. FYI, I'm thinking of the Hertz OJ, not the other OJ, though I once owned a Ford Bronco.


After my first appearance on The Megyn Kelly Today show, I received many emails from viewers and readers who took the time to reach out and let me know how the show or my book impacted them. Thank you! I think I have personally responded to everyone at this point, though I am sorry if it took a while.  Please feel free to contact me at any time. I can't personally offer help for your family, but I am grateful to hear your stories, and all writers like to know that we make a difference in our readers' lives.


After my first segment aired, viewers contacted Megyn Kelly, too. It seems as if my family is not alone in our struggle to find help for our child with complex psychological needs.  There are other Mothers of Sparta out there, all fighting the nearly impossible fight, and Megyn Kelly and her producers created a space for more of us to share our stories.


We taped a segment on March 14th that will air on Thursday, March 22nd. I will put a link up when it airs.


When I got to the studio, the Green Room sign said "Mothers of Sparta."


Yes, this is the title of my memoir, but now I think it the phrase is growing in meaning to describe all mothers of children with special needs who DO. NOT. GIVE. UP. It's all of us, fighting the good fight every day, through school administration battles, IEP disasters, disability-related family conflict, through insurance failure, and treatment or placement denial, through the pain we feel as we witness our children's struggles. Through our fears for the future. Through the judgement we get from strangers, and even friends or family members. Through the sickening doubt that wakes us in the night when we realize we will one day be dead and we don't know who will look after our children when they are adults and we are gone. This is important work we do, however unrecognized it goes.


I am honored to have been on the show with the other women who shared their experiences. our children have different behaviors and needs. I am grateful that Dr. Kent Kiehl flew out to be on the program with us. If you don't know his work, please get to know him! His book, The Psychopath Whisperer is excellent, and his research is exciting and gives parents like us hope that there will one day be better treatment for children like ours.


Please see the bottom of the post for resources that might help parents of children with Conduct Disorder.


Below are a few shots I took in the studio, just for fun. We were in the "Shroom Room" green room. Lots of owls. 



And, if you know me at all, you know I have recently conquered a severe flying phobia, and I'm proud enough about it to post proof of it every time I fly. I try to do one new desensitizing thing per flight. My flight to New York: I knew we would be flying into stormy weather in New York,  and still I slept on the plane!. My flight home: I ate food while flying! This is big stuff, my friends. And here's proof:


Right before we flew down into storm:


Me being 86% super peaceful about it all:



Thanks again to Megyn Kelly Today for the platform, and stay tuned for the show!



Resources for Conduct Disorder Support: 


Support group:


Parents of Children with Conduct Disorder on Facebook, founded by Lillyth Quillan and moderated by Karen Huff, Sarabeth Grossman, and Kelly Conley.


And Lillyth Quillan has recently started an organization called STOPP which has resources and some big plans for getting grants for research. Check them out here.



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