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October 26, 2018



It's all good, but I'm behind in talking about it. For those of you interested in my publishing/writing/speaking life, I will try to commit to individual posts with details about each event. The nutshell version is as follows:


A. I have an essay titled "Arrhythmia" coming out in The Missouri Review.  It's about an emergency heart surgery I had where I woke up on the table in the middle of the surgery. Sorry for the spoiler alert.  Yep, that really happened.


B. New Ohio Review accepted a poem of mine. I don't consider myself a poet, but I do massage the genre from time to time, and New Ohio Review is a really cool journal. Honored.  Stay tuned.


C. Ditto for Poetry Northwest. I have a poem going there, too. For people who don't think poetry is worthwhile, read some. Maybe write some. See what it does for you. For me, it helps get out all my weird. In case you can't get on with your day until you know, my favorite poem is "Reasons to Survive November," by Tony Hoagland. 


D. I was at the Bookfest St. Louis the weekend of September 21, 2018, speaking about memoir with Tessa Fontaine, author of The Electric Woman. First, the Bookfest was a really good experience and St. Louis people are some of the nicest I have met in a long time, though I can't ever seem to properly fit in a chair no matter what city I visit. Second, I want to be Tessa Fontaine when I grow up. I will write a separate post about this.



E. I just taped a segment for Ivanhoe Broadcast News and their "Smart Women" feature. Stay tuned for details on that. 


F. I will be on WLRN's South Florida RoundupLive from Miami Book Fair on Fri., Nov 16 @ 1pm. They always said I had a face for radio! I always took it as a complement. Listeners can join the conversation by calling : (800) 743-WLRN or (800) 743-9576, emailing:, or posting on their Facebook page, or tweeting  @WLRN.


G. I will be doing a reading/panel discussion called "Modern Family" at the Miami Book Fair on Saturday, Nov. 17 from 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Building 8, Room 8203.  I will be speaking with Kim Brooks, author of Small Animals: Parenthood in the Age of Fear, and Ada Calhoun, author of Wedding Toasts I'll Never Give. Should be fun.  It's a beautiful book fair and I highly recommend it. Buy some arepas and eat them in the sun while reading a book, preferably my book.  It will be a multi-sensory experience you won't soon forget.


H. January 19-26, I will be at the Writers in Paradise Writer's Conference at Eckerd College. It's an excellent conference that offers fantastic craft talks and workshops for writers who want to improve their craft, or learn about new genres. I'll be doing one of the fantastic craft talks.  


I. Sadly, I am not teaching this semester. I miss it.  I miss my students.  I am, however, finishing a novel and writing a book proposal for a new nonfiction book.


J. There is no J. Have a nice day. 




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