Goosing the Golden Egg

January 16, 2019




Considering that I love fairy tales, and considering that last night I found an Old Hans Christian Andersen book in a Little Free Library, and considering that I am still out of breath from a near goose attack on the way into the office (public library) today, there's this:


For the past few months, I have been sitting on a piece of happy news like it's a golden egg. I really wanted to goose this truth into some sort of announcement, but needed to wait until a few things were locked in.


But  I have signed a contract! Things are locked in. It's real and not a dream. 


My latest pet essay will be published in a forthcoming issue of Timothy McSweeny's Quarterly Concern.  


The essay catalogs a list of music I would like to hear if I am ever in a coma. Sounds both simple and macabre, but I was playing around with a few things in the essay, namely tense, and memory, and the idea of letting go, and it turned into something more complicated. Once it is published, I will talk about what I did in it, but for now,  I'll share that it is exploring a range of themes I have started thinking about since I had a near-death experience caused by a sudden heart arrhythmia in December, 2015.


I am very excited to know that McSweeny's has gotten behind it. McSweeny's is the perfect journal for such a platypus of an essay. If you don't know McSweeny's Quarterly Concern, please buy some of their back issues. No two issues are the same, and I mean that in a literal way.


They have published issues in comics, an issue that unfold like pants,  one shaped like a sweating head:



One that takes the form of a bundle of mail:


All that and more. It's nuts and I love it.


When Dave Eggers, the founding editor of the journal, initially solicited for submissions, he wrote, “There will be an emphasis on experimentation. If you have a story that’s good, but conventional, you’d be better off sending it somewhere legitimate. This thing will be more about trying new and almost certainly misguided ideas.” That was 22 years ago and they have been pushing the rubber envelope ever since.


I believe in misguided ideas shaping the form of the modern essay.


I believe in trying new things within the essay.


I believe in experimentation, unless you are a child who is reading this and you are thinking it is logical to assume that when I say I believe in experimentation,  I am extending it to mean that I believe in experimenting with drugs.  In that way, I don't believe in experimentation at all. Put this blog post down, go do your homework, have a healthy snack, and say your prayers before bed. Join the school service clubs. Go to prom. Don't ever do drugs. 


Golden eggs are great. Real geese are kind of dicky, but kill not the goose that lays the golden egg! Sometimes magical things happen.


 Please stay tuned for details on my new coma playlist essay and its publication in McSweeny's.






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