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Work with Me 

After pandemic shenanigans, including the cancellation of three college speaking engagements in the Spring 0f 2020, and the cancellation of  three writer's conferences and three  literary festival I was scheduled to speak at, I found myself feeling the loss of a writing community. I responded by working virtually with writers to help them reach their publication goals. I currently do memoir manuscript consultations and occasionally work with writers one-on-one.

Fun fact: In 2020, 2021, and 2022, 85% of writers who worked with me published within six months.

In 2022 I became an IOATRC-certified Trauma Recovery Coach. Part of my coaching work includes helping people through writing. This practice is for writers and non writers alike. You don't have to publish to "be a writer." 

You can see what we have going on at LittleBird Coaching.  Everyone is welcome.

Online courses and workshops coming in fall and winter2022/2023:

  •   Replacing Your Cell Phone/Social Media Addiction with a Writing Practice - self-paced class

  •   Writing About Family - self-paced class with/without feedback on your work

  •   Writing the NPE Experience - workshop

  •    Medical narrative/autopathography - self-paced workshop

  •   Trauma recovery writing - one-on-one coaching

  •   Manuscript consultation and mentorship (very occasionally)

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